Early Music 2

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Magnuskerk, Bellingwolde

Magnuskerk, Bellingwolde

22 July om 20:15 uur

H. I. F Biber - From sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes: Sonata VIII

G. Muffat - From Armonico Tributo: Sonata II

A. Bertali - Sonata 'Tausend Gulden'

H. I. F. Biber - From Mensa Sonora: Pars VI

G. Muffat - From Florilegium Secundum: Nobilis Juventus


Austria already had a rich musical culture in the 17th century. The Latin titles 'Sonatae aris quam aulis servientes' and 'Mensa Sonora' refer to the Original use of this music: the pieces were used both during service in the church as well as background music while having dinner. Bibert combines virtuoso violin techniques with Bohemian folk traditions, and Muffat united the best of two musical worlds, Italy and France. 'Florilegium' refers to the 'seeds, which in fertile land will florish to be beautiful flowers'.


Musicians on this concert: