Louis Vierne 2

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Theo Jellema

Jozefkerk, Assen

23 July om 20:15 uur

L. Vierne - Soirs étrangers op. 56 voor cello en piano

L. Vierne - Pièces en style libre

L. Vierne - Uit Symphonie III opus 28: Intermezzo

L. Vierne - Uit Pièces de Fantaisie opus 53: Hymne au Soleil

L. Vierne - Sonate voor viool en piano


The life of French composer Louis Vierne (1870 - 1937) was very tragic. He was tormented by blindness, sickness and a lot of death in his surroundings. Nevertheless he became very famous, being one of the best known organ players and composers of his age. He was influenced by Franck and Fauré. Besides his organ repertoire he also wrote beautiful chamber music repertoire. You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy both at this concert.


Musicians on this concert: