Consequences COVID-19 Pandemic: concert series and Summer Academy modified

The Peter de Grote Festival experiences a lot of obstacles because of the COVID-19 virus. It is not possible to predict the measures we have to take in July but we have to make our plans now. This results in the following adjustments to our program: 

  • Most concerts will be performed twice, so we can welcome two times 30 / 50 visitors for the concerts. The evening concerts will be a bit shorter than usual: 60 minutes (without an intermission).
  • It is possible that the restrictions will be more strict in July. For example: if we sell 30 tickets for a concert but in July it will be clear that only 20 people can visit a concert, the last 10 persons who made the reservation can not visit the concert. Of course your payment will be reimbursed. 
  • The Summer Academy will not continue in its regular form. It will be smaller and more intensive. This means there will be no open lessons to visit, no lunch concerts and no final concert.
  • We are looking into the possibility to broadcast a number of concerts with a live stream, which will be free to watch. More information will be published on this site and our social media. 
  • If you want to visit the Young Masters in Concert-series or the activities in the Festival Café, you have to make a reservation. There are no ticket sales at the door. We must do this in order to register how many people can come to the concerts. 
  • We will not organize package deals with dinners, museum visits etc. 
  • If you bought tickets and the concert is cancelled you will be reimbursed. 

We hope for your understanding in this matter. 


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