Tobias Borsboom started his studies at the Conservatoire in Utrecht with Paolo Giacometti. He continued his piano studies at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam with Jan wijn, where he is currenbtly doing his master. He took part in various masterclasses with pianists such as Maria Joao Pires, Ruth Nye, Elza Kolodin, Geoffrey Madge, Vladimir Tropp, Evgeni Koroliov and Klaus Hellwig.

Tobias took part in various (chamber) music festivals such as Feistritz (Austria), the Orlando Festival and the Holland Music Sessions. In 2006 he wins the Concertgebouw Entree Chamber Music Competition with Lidewij Faber and Barbara Boeters. In 2007 Tobias makes it to the semi finals of the YPF Competition and wins the prize for the best interpretation of a Dutch composition. He toured through the United States and Canada in 2007 with concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. In 2008 he toured in The Netherlands and Japan and performs in Milan. He won the first prize in the regional final of the Prinses Christina Competition.


In 2010 Tobias won the third prize at the YPF Competition and again the prize for the best interpretation of a Dutch composition with his performance of Strides by Theo Loevendie.

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