Young Masters in Concert 5: MANTRA

Monday July 30

Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen
17.00 hrs.

K. Stockhausen - MANTRA

Itxaso Etxeberria Jaurrieta (piano), Chen Xi (piano), Emanuel Wittersheim (elektronics and sound engineering)

‘Mantra’ is a monumental piece for two piano's and electronics. It became one of the decisive turning points in Stockhausens career. A breach with the partly improvised music which Stockhausen wrote until then and a return to a fully noted score was the result. 'Mantra' is also a piece in which pianists can show their virtuosity, because of the great complexity of the composition. Is ends with an amazing climax in which all musical elements come together. A unique experience to hear this work of one of the greatest comtemporary conposers in a live setting.

Price concert: € 5,- (ticket sales at the door, no pre-sales)