The border

Monday July 30

Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen
20.15 hrs.

Ekaterina Levental (harp, voice, performance)

'The border' is the second show in a series of small music theatre shows by Ekaterina Levental, produced with director/designer Chris Koolmees. The border is based on Ekaterina's diary fragments from the time she came toThe Netherlands as a Russian refugee. In an impressive one-woman-show she tells about her search of a new identity in various asylums. Ekaterina shows an emotional and confronting way how life in no-man's-land, when all that is left is hope.

Before the concert you can have diner at restaurant Houdt van Eten. This package starts at 17.30 and drinks are included.

Price concert: € 24,-
Price concert incl. package: € 74,-