Female icons from three different cultures

Tuesday July 31

Concertboerderij Onder de Linden, Valthermond
20.15 hrs.

M. Bonis – Sonata for violin and piano in F-sharp, op. 112
A. Beach – Piano trio op. 150
C. Schumann – Piano trio in g minor, op. 17

Juan Zurutuza (piano), Moshe Hammer (violin), Yoram Ish-Hurwitz (piano), Eva Stegeman (violin), Jan-Ype Nota (cello), Martijn Willers (piano), Harro Ruijsenaars (cello)

The 19th and 20th century was a hard period for female composers to show themselves. Prejudice and social aspects were the cause of this. Even nowadays these female composers don;t receive the credit they deserve. With compositions by Amy Beach, Clara Schumann and Mel Bonis you will hear three females from different cultures (American, French and German). Clara Schumann can be seen as the mother of generations of female composers to come. In that perspective, Mel Bonis and Amy Beach were her successors.

Price concert: € 24,-