Early music 3: For Several Friends 1667-2017

Wednesday August 2

St. Magnuskerk, Anloo
20.15 hrs.

C. Bernard - Cantatas "Schaffe in mir, Gott", "Aus der tieffen"
J. A. Krieger - Various songs
J. H. Schmelzer - Sonata for violin and basso continuo
J. J. Froberger - Partita in c minor
M. Locke - Suite from "For Severall Friends", suite from "Tripla Concordia"
J. Blow - Various songs
H. Purcell - Various songs

Le Nouveau Concert: Johannette Zomer (soprano), Bert Honig (recorder), Jacek Kurzydlo (violin), Margaret Urquhart (violone), Johan Hofmann (organ and harpsichord)

The year 1667. While Johann Jakob Froberger, the travelminded pianist, is living his last days in the Elzas, England is transforming from a puritan republic to a monarchy. Matthew Locke is resisting against the royal preferences for French tunes by abstracting them. Meanwhile Heinrich Schütz teaches his students (amongst which Christoph Bernard) in modern music which he heared in Venice. Exciting times for both musicians as the audience. Times we hope to recreate with this program.

Price concert: € 24,-