Early music 2: Telemania 1767 - 2017

Sunday July 30

Bonifatiuskerk, Vries
20.15 hrs.

G. Ph. Telemann - Cantates 'Du bist verflucht, o Schreckensstimme', 'Da, Jesu, zu deinem Ruhm zu mehren'
G. Ph. Telemann - Die Einsamkeit?
G. Ph. Telemann - Concerto in a minor
G. Ph. Telemann - Sonata for bassoon and basso continuo in f minor
J. F. Fasch - Quadro in Bes Major
C. Schaffrath - Trio in g minor

Le Nouveau Concert: Johannette Zomer (soprano), Noémy Gagnon-Lafrenais (violin), Bert Honig (recorder), Daniel Lanthier (oboe), George Ross (cello), Hugo Rodriguez Arteaga (bassoon), Johan Hofmann (harpsichord)

250 years ago one of the most versatile composers ever passed away, Georg Philipp Telemann. Contemporary of G. F. Händel and J. Ph. Rameau, friends with J. S. Bach and godfather to his son C. Ph. E. Bach. He holds the record for the largest number of compositions made by one composer and covers more than 60 years, decades in which there were a lot of developments in music styles. Telemann was intersted in those developments which resulted in a rich and varied oeuvre.
We honor him with a concert in which we combine his rich works with lesser known composers such as Janitsch en Schaffrath.

Price concert: € 24,-