Early music 2: Le Grand Siècle, François Couperin

Wednesday August 1

Bonifatiuskerk, Vries
20.15 hrs.

F. Couperin - From Les Nations: La Piémontoise, L’Espagnole, Sonade en trio et Suite de Symphonies
F. Couperin - From Les Concerts Royaux: Troisième Concert

Anne Parisot (traverso), Daniel Lanthier (oebo), Jacek Kurzydlo (violin), Nadine Henrichs (violin), Joshua Cheatham (viola da gamba), Hugo Arteaga (bassoon), Johan Hofmann (harpsichord)

One of Debussy's inspirators was François Couperin, whose 350th birthday we remember this year. Couperins interest in the Italian style of composing were expressed in his trio sonatas which have been integrated with the French suites. As a result of this 'Les Nations' came to existence. The luxurious shape of the ensemble gives a lot of opportunities for a divers instrumentation, just like the original setting.

Price concert: € 24,-

In the concert brochure it says that the concert starts at 12.15 hrs. This is a mistake, it should be 20.15 hrs.