1997 - 2007: Carte Blanche for Rineke Smilde

Saturday July 29

Martinikerk and Lutherse Kerk, Groningen
20.15 hrs.

O. Messiaen - Apparition de l’Église éternelle
O. Mesiaen - From: Livre du Saint Sacrement: Adoro te
O. Messiaen - From: Méditation sur le Mystère de la Sainte Trinité (1969-72): Movement V
O. Messiaen - Le Banquet Céleste (1928)
J. S. Bach - From the Schübler Chorale (around 1748) (1685-1750): ‘Meine Seele erhebt den Herren’(BWV 648)
O. Messiaen – Quartuor pour la fin du temps

Theo Jellema (organ), Paul Komen (piano), Moshe Hammer (violin), René van Munster (cello), Daniel Boeke (clarinet)

Rineke Smilde founded the Peter de Grote Festival in 1997 and was artistic director for the following nine years. In the anniversary edition of the festival she was given a carte blance to program one concert with music of her liking. She chose a Messian-program with works that have a special meaning for her. Before the break Theo Jellema performs ont he organ of the Martinikerk and after the break Moshe Hammer and Paul Komen will perform the Quartuor, together with young talents René van Munster and Daniel Boeke. This way one of the most important objective of the festival, the development of young talent, is also visible in this particular concert.

The first part of the conecrt takes place in the Martinikerk and in the break we walk to the Lutherse Kerk for the second part of the program.

Preceding the concert is a diner in restaurant De Prinsenhof. This package starts 17.30 hrs.

Price concert: € 24,-
Price concert incl. package: € 64,-

The diner is sold out. Regular concert tickets are still available.