1918 – 2018: De Ploeg 1

Thursday July 26

Groninger Museum, Groningen
20.15 hrs.

D. Ruyneman – Sonatina for piano
B. Van den Sigtenhorst Meyer – Sonata for cello solo
W. Pijper – Violin sonata
J. Ingenhoven – Violin sonata no. 1
W. Ruyneman – Cello quartet
W. Pijper - Piano trio

Ellyne Wieringa (piano), Harro Ruijsenaars (cello), Quirine Scheffers (violin), Ilona Timchenko (piano), Yoram Ish-Hurwitz (piano), Amparo Lacruz (cello), Noëlle Weidmann (cello), Will McLeish (cello), Teodora Nedyalkova (cello), Ivan Penkov (piano), Mara Oosterbaan (violin)

In 1918 the painters collective 'De Ploeg' was founded. To one of the painters, Jan Altink, it was time to cultivate the Groninger art, and the name was born. The Groninger landscape became the most important subject of De Plog. Painters like Jan Altink, Hendrik Werkman, Johan Dijkstra and Jan Wiegers became the movements most important exponents. In 1921 a magazine was published, with a contribution by composer Daniël Ruyneman. He was an important figue in the Groninger music life, as composer of the Bragi Orchestra and advocate of contemporary music. He also staged compositions by Debussy together with painter Johan Dijkstra. Besides music from Ruyneman tonights program contains compositions by his contemporaries such as Willem Pijper, Bernard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer and Jan Ingenhoven.

Preceeding the concert you can visit the exposition '100 years De Ploeg' in the Groninger Museum and have dinner at restaurant Mendini. This package starts at 16.00 hrs.

Price concert: € 24,-
Price concert incl. package: € 73,-