1918 – 2018: Claude Debussy 3 'Music is the silence between the notes'

Monday July 30

Jacobuskerk, Rolde
20.15 hrs.

C. Debussy - Images, 1ere série
C. Debussy - Images, 2ème série
C. Debussy - Images pour orchestre (arr. piano à quatre mains A. Caplet)

Paul Komen (piano), Nata Tsvereli (piano)

In his Images Debussy describes conditions, movements and happenings with great subtleness. It is an hommage to the purest experiences which calls upon reflections in the water, reflected sunlight, nostalgia to the 18th century music by Jean Philippe Rameau, the scents of Spanish nights. After writing the two series for piano Debussy started to work on a third part in two movements, “Gigues Tristes” and “Iberia”, but he changed his mind and included these two compositions in his “Images pour orchestre”. His good friend and respected composer André Caplet, rewrote this orchestral piece for piano quatre mains, which will also be performed today. In this unique program the complete Images can be heared together for the first time! A feast for the senses and the imagination.

Preceeding the ocncert you can have diner at restaurant De Loohoeve. This package starts at 17.30 hrs.

Price concert: € 24,-
Price concert incl. package: € 79,-

This concert is organizes in cooperation with the Stichting Rolder Concerten.