1918 – 2018: Claude Debussy 1 'Music is the silence between the notes'

Thursday July 26

Concertboerderij Onder de Linden, Valthermond
20.15 hrs.

C. Debussy - Epigraphes antiques
C. Debussy -Sonate voor fluit, altviool en harp
C. Debussy -Chansons de Bilitis
C. Debussy -Syrinx
C. Debussy -Musique pour accompagnier la récitation de douze Chansons de Bilitis

Paul Komen (piano), Nata Tsvereli (piano), Thies Roorda (flute), Christophe Weidmann (viola), Manja Smits (harp), Ekaterina Levental (soprano), Ana Luísa dos Santos Ribeiro (flute), Sterre Koopman (harp), Lies Braakman (piano)

In 1894 the Chansons de Bilitis were published, poems written by a courtisane from ancient Greece. They were discovered on the walls of Bilitis' crypt and poet Pierre Louys translated the from the ancien Greek. The bundle soon became very popular in Paris until it was discovered that it was a fraud, created by Lloys himself. In spite of this composers such asd Debussy wrote music for the poems and made sonnettes in the same style. This concert shows the Bilitis songs and her poetry, as seen by the eyes of Debussy.

Preceeding the concert an optional dinner will take place in restaurant De Gaffel in Valthe. This package starts at 17.30 hrs.

Price concert: € 24,-
Price concert incl. package: € 64,-