PdG Cares!

PdG cares!
Because of last years succesfull reception of PdGCares! we will continue the project also in 2018. For 8 days Violinist Krista Pyykönen, flute player Maaike van der Linde, violinist Beste Sevindik, cellist René van Munster and violinist Guillem Cabré Salagre will bring live music to the surgical department of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG). Music has a healing function and is a positive influence on the recovery of patients after a surgery, the reduction of fear, pain and stress. The musicians improvise on the patients favourite music and perform repertoire for the nurses as well.

Music & Sciende
In cooperation with the lectorate Lifelong Learning in Music two lectures are organized in which the connection between music and science is examined.

Saturday July 28th, 15.00 hrs, Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen
Prof. dr. Erik Heineman and Krista Pyykönen: Live-music & recovery after a surgery: ‘Un Pas de Trois’

Former Head of Surgery of the UMCG Erik Heinemanand teacher/researcher Lifelong Learning in Music Krista Pyykönen will demonstrate their research on the field of the significance of live music for elder patients. In the last years a number of music projects have been implemented at the UMCG with remarkable results, both for patients as well as the staff. A true ‘Pas de Trois’!

Erik Heineman will demonstrate the complicated interaction between a patient and the surroundings on a surgical department. The documentairy film ‘Resonans’ will be presented and Krista Pyykönen, who besides researcher als is a violinist, will present musical examples of what music can mean to a.o. demention, fear, stress and pain.

Sunday July 29th, 15.00 hrs, Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen
Cynthia Liem: hidden treasures on the digital highway

Due to the digitalization we nowadays have access to more and diverse information than in the past. Amongst this information are a large number of hidden treasures that we have almost forgotten.

In this lecture examples are given of how digital access to musical information enriches the lifes of both music professionalists as well as the audience. Besides this there will be a focus on the challenge to bring lesser known material to the attention of a larger audience. This will lead to practical, phylosophical and technical issues concerning the recent discussions on general information management: how to interpret our own behaviour? Do we know what we want?