Maaike van der Linde

Maaike van der Linde (1988) studied flute with Wieke Karsten and Thies Roorda at the Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen. Currently she studies at the Guidhall School of Music and Drama in London in the program 'The Leadership Program', which is about creative music and cross-art projects. She receives a scholarschip of the Prions Bernhard Cultuurfonds for this study. At Guidhall she studies with Philippa Davis.
Maaike was member of the Creative Ensemble with Micheal Moore and Marc van Roon. In London she focusses on her enthousiasm for improvising with David Dolan and ORen Marshall.
Maaike is part of the JongNBE, the study ensemble of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. With this ensemble she performes compositions of children during a composition competition for the New Years Concert in the Concertgebouw. Besides this Maaike is active in ensembles with percussionists from Gambia and with the Future Band, a youth orchestra with self composed repertoire and improvisation. Maaike gives workshops for the London Symphonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra. Besides this Maaike gives workshops at a school for blind children.