Jean Pierre Rawie

Poet, translater, reciter. Son of a pastor. Raised in Winschoten. Studied Slavic and Roman philology at the University of Groningen.

From 1975 until 1977 he was editor of the Groninger student magazine 'De Nieuwe Klerke', in which he published under the name of Albert Zondervan, the pseudonym he shared with his friend Driek van Wissen.

Rawie was involved in the Fuji Art Association - a company existing of figurative artists such as Trudy Kramer, Wout Muller, Matthijs Röling, Ger Siks and Clary Mastenbroek and poets Fritzi Harmsen van Beek and C.O. Jellema.

'I don't write for the critics, only for eternity. Please describe my smile, otherwise people will think I am arrogant.' (Jean Pierre Rawie, 2000)