With about 6.500 visitors, a vibrant Summer Academy and a lot of media coverage the Peter de Grote Festival 2014 was a huge success.

Concert series

From Jully 16 – 26th fifty concerts took place, including eleven free lunch concerts. The concerts were given by 89 professional musicians and the participants of the Summer Academy. The festival welcomed 6425 visitors, 600 less than in 2013. But with ten fewer concerts, the occupancy has grown significantly.
Local, regional and national media honored the festival with a lot of coverage. Both Radio 4 and the Concertzender recorded and broadcasted a number of concerts, of which three were broadcasted live. On July 16th, the opening day of the festival, Radio 4 broadcasted live from the conservatoire all day long.

Summer Academy

This year the Summer Academy welcomed 56 participants from all over the world, who took lessons from forty teachers. The participants also performed on the lunch concerts, and on Participatory concerts where they performed on stage together with their teachers. Both participants and teachers have experienced this concept as immensely educational.


The annual Labberté-Hoedemaker Awards of € 1.000,- each were awarded to violinist Tatiana Krjatchkova (Russia, 14 years old), Russian pianist Andrey Iliushkin (19 years old) and 20-year old Dutch viola player Lisa Eggen. They have distinguished themselves during the Summer Academy.

The GasTerra Award for development of young talent, was shared by Rangel Silaev (piano, 14 years old) and cellist Florianne Remme (14 years old), both from The Netherlands.

The Klaas Dijkstra Grant was awarded to the 18 year old Spanish cellist Nil Domenech Puertes. He received € 2.500,- per year for his study at the Prince Claus Conservatoire.

Canadian pianist Charissa Vandikas (16 years old) is the winner of the HJSO Solist Award and will be invited to play solo with the orchestra.

Hawijch Elders (violin, The Netherlands, 15 years old) received an invitation to perform concerts on the Peregrinos Musicales festival in Spain.

The ten-year-old violinist Luna van Leeuwen was awarded the Peter de Grote Festival Stimulation Award, a music tour to Vienna.

Luca Altdorfer, Ethan Chen, Nikita Kovalev, Jorian van Nee, Maxim Heijmerink, Vera Beumer, Mayte Levenbach, Pieternel Tils, Amke te Wies, Marlene Dijkstra and Veera Voordeckers all received an Honorary Award for their effort in Summer Academy.

The organization is very proud of the festival with its many highlights, both in the concert series and in the Summer Academy. The Peter de Grote Festival 2015 will take place from July 15th – July 25th.

Artistic leader Paul Komen