Very succesful edition of the Peter de Grote Festival!

With 7000 visitors, a sparkling Summer Academy and a lot of local, regional and national media attention the Peter de Grote Festival 2015 was a great succes!


From July 15th - 25th the festival organized 49 concerts, of which 11 free lunch concerts. 89 professional musicians performed on these concerts, next to the young participants of the Summer Academy. These concerts were visited by 7000 people, 600 more than in 2014. An increase of 9%!

Both Radio 4 and the Concertzender have recorded our concerts. Local, regional and national media covered our festival in many ways. The broadcast of NTR Podium on Tour deserves special mentioning.

Summer Academy

This year 43 young talented musicians from all over the world took part in the Summer Academy. They got masterclasses and chamber music lessons by 27 teachers for ten days. The participants also performed on the lunch concerts. A special element of the Summer Academy was the Participatory Concert, on which participants performed in ensembles together with their teachers.


The Labberté-Hoedemaker Awards (€ 1.000,- each) were awarded to the Dutch pianist Ramon van Engelenhoven (20 years old), Dutch pianist Florian Verweij (17 years old) and Spanish violinist Diana Poghosyan Mirzoyan (17 years old). They distoinguished themselves most during the Summer Academy.

The award of our main sponsor GasTerra (€ 1.000,-) was awarded to the 13 year old cellist Maria Zaitseva (Russia).

The Klaas Dijkstra Scholarship was awarded to the 19 year old Dutch cellist Liesbeth Bosboom. She receives € 2.500,- per year for a study at the Prince Claus Conservatoire.

Dutch violinist Vera Beumer (13 years old) was awarded the HJSO solist award and will be invited to perform with the Haydn Youth String Orchestra.

Ramon van Engelenhoven also received an invitation to the Peregrinos Musicales Festival in Spain to perform as a solist on concerts.

15 year old pianist Maxim Heijmerink was awarded the Peter de Grote Festival incentive award (€ 500,-)

Charlotte Basolo Vasquez, Michiel Wittink, Charissa Vandikas, Sophia Thoma, Anastasia Chichelova en Lotus de Vries all received an Honorary Award for their achievements in the Summer Academy.

The organisation looks back on a beautiful festival with many highlights. Next year the Peter de Grote Festival wil take place from July 27th - August 6th.